Air Source Heat Pumps

Harvey Mechanical are Approved Air Source Heat Pump Installers Buckinghamshire and MCS Approved Air Source Heat Pump can offer a range of Air Source Heat Pump services for domestic and commercial customers. We can provide a full service to include the design, installation and MCS certification so that customers can apply for the government grant.

We are qualified to work with different machines across a wide range of popular, high-quality brands such as Mitsubishi Electric Ecodan, Daikin Altherma, Vaillant enabling us to meet your every need, no matter what type of product you require.

What is an Air Source Heat Pump?

Air Source Heat Pumps are an efficient alternative form of heating. The Air Source Heat Pump extracts renewable, solar energy from the air to produce sufficient heat to comfortably cater for all your heating and hot water requirements.

Air Source Heat Pumps work by moving heat stored in the air into the building, unlike traditional fossil fuel and biomass systems which create heat through the burning of a fuel. This means that Air Source Heat Pumps don’t have to work hard to produce heat, the production of this heat is far more efficient than traditional methods.

Our range of Air Source Heat Pumps typically have a coefficient of performance of 3.5 which means that for every 1KW of electricity used 3.5Kw of useful heat energy can be produced.

Air Source Heat Pumps can work with any form of distribution system; however, the best performance is achieved when it is partnered with Under Floor Heating which enables the lowest possible flow Temperatures.

Approved Air Source Heat Pumps Buckinghamshire