Air Conditioning Services

Harvey Mechanical are approved installers of Air Conditioning Products in Buckinghamshire and can install and maintain a range of Air Conditioning systems to suit any budget and application.

Which Air Conditioning design is most suited to your needs is dependent upon several factors?

  • The Current and anticipated heat load of the space
  • The Primary use of the space/spaces that require heating/cooling
  • The Potential location of the indoor and outdoor equipment
  • Whether the owner requires the control of temperature in individual rooms

Modern systems use a combination of the very latest technology, including electrostatic filtration to provide comfortable, clean air, minimising contaminants, and airborne dust.

Smaller installations tend to use ‘Split’ air conditioning equipment, the most common being a ‘single split’ design. In single splits, the outdoor unit containing the heat exchanger, compressor and cooling fan is housed outside of the space or building being heated or cooled, while the indoor unit can either be recessed into the ceiling (ceiling cassette), wall-mounted or fixed under ceiling level. The outdoor and indoor units are then connected using pipework in which the refrigerant flows.

We are qualified to work with machines across a wide range of popular, high-quality brands such as Mitsubishi enabling us to meet your every need, no matter what type of product you require.

Approved Installers for PV in Buckinghamshire